The Companies Hiring the Most Tech Talent in Canada this Year

In Canada, tech is everywhere and touches almost every aspect of our lives. It helps people connect, enables communities to be more productive, and allows science to advance at an accelerated pace, with computers making models and calculations at light speed. So, it is no surprise that we’re seeing an expanding IT employment sector and that tech-related jobs are increasingly in demand. 

According to Statistics Canada, job growth in the digital economy has vastly outpaced the rest of the economy. But who is hiring the most tech talent? New data from Indeed reveals which companies are hiring for the most tech-related jobs in Canada this year. Let’s look at which ones made the list.

Data from the first six months of 2019 shows that the most opportunities are found at CGI Group, Ceridian and Amazon, together accounting for 8% of all tech-related jobs in the country. 

Headquartered in Montreal, IT consulting firm CGI Group is looking for the lion’s share of tech talent. Hiring for roles including software architect, programmer analyst and developer, these tech openings  make up 4% of all postings in Canada. 

Following in second and third, human resource software and service provider Ceridian is looking for software engineers and business analysts, while multinational tech giant Amazon is mainly focused on software engineering to support its large ecommerce platform and other digital and cloud-based services.

One trend is clear: in today’s age, all companies are tech companies, regardless of their field. Many of the companies on this list aren’t necessarily in the tech industry. For example, all the major banks in Canada are looking for tech professionals: Scotiabank, TD, RBC and BMO all account for 1% respectively of all tech postings, while CIBC comes in eighth with 0.5% of the tech postings in Canada.

Consulting firm Deloitte is ninth on the list; as businesses become increasingly digital, it’s no shock to learn that one of the top three roles they are looking to fill is for technology consultants. Video games producer Ubisoft rounds out the top 10, looking for developers and programmers. IBM follows, searching for tech architects, engineers and consultants.

Telecommunications companies Bell (#12) and Telus Communications (#13) follow each other, and are both interested in product management and analysis. These types of jobs are also requested by insurance provider Intact. Finally, Canadian ecommerce site Shopify completes the list at #15, looking for developers and engineers.

Developers are still on top of the wish list

The top three companies hiring for tech jobs being technology-based, they have a definite need to fill roles relating to conception, design and development of software and technologies.

Developers are still the most sought after tech experts, appearing fourteen times in the top three jobs for all the 15 companies on the list. Some jobs postings were more explicit, specifying they wanted software developers, full-stack developers, Java or entry-level applications developers. Companies dealing with more complex IT infrastructures were also looking for software engineers, with some wanting a more senior level; software engineers appeared seven times among the top three jobs postings for all the companies in the top 15, while software architects appeared five times on the list. 

Analysts and consultants were also in demand. While companies selling specific products (with a lot of them having an important IT component), were interested in product managers or owners. 

The Canadian tech sector continues to grow 

The demand for tech isn’t slowing down in Canada. In fact eight out of Indeed’s 10 Best Jobs in Canada this year were in tech, with many seeing growth of over 100% in the past three years. Moreover, nearly half the top 20 jobs Gen Z look for revolve around tech. The upside for workers in this industry is that they not only have a variety of jobs to choose from, but can use their talent to work in any sector. Interest in Canadian’s booming tech sector goes beyond our borders as global interest in Canadian tech jobs has increased 58% since 2015.

With so many companies circling around tech, it adds to the complexity of hiring for these roles. Employers need to make sure their job postings are visible (perhaps by sponsoring their jobs), and that they sell their employer brand with platforms such as Company Pages. They can also be more proactive by looking at Indeed Canada’s database of over 6.7 million resumes. Ultimately, there are a lot of people looking for tech-related jobs, and the competition is fierce to get the best candidates, so employers have to use all the tools in their arsenals to attract them. 


Data reflects tech-related job postings in Canada during the first half of 2019.