The Best Jobs in Canada in 2019

What’s your idea of “the best job”? While answers may vary, many people will point to salary and job opportunities. In fact, 80% of job seekers in Canada say that when they’re looking for a new job, compensation is the most important factor.

Additionally, job opportunity is also imperative to job seekers – people want to work in an industry that’s thriving.

We wanted to combine these two factors to determine the very best jobs in Canada. Using salary and growth in the number of job opportunities as the main research variables, our data team identified the best jobs in Canada in 2019. We define “best jobs” as those offering an average salary of more than $70,000 and have had a consistently growing share of jobs postings from 2015-2018.

Read on to find out what the results were this year.

Tech still tops the list

Once again, tech jobs dominated the list, with seven out of the top 10 best jobs in Canada being tech-related. According to Statistics Canada’s measure of digital economic activities, job growth in the digital economy has vastly outpaced the rest of the economy. As companies continue to go digital, and demand for tech talent grows, this trend will likely persist.

Machine learning engineer, a programmer who develops complex algorithms to enable machines and systems to run on artificial intelligence (AI), tops our list (+629%) of the 10 Best Jobs of 2019 for the second time. In research conducted by Indeed Canada’s Economist, Brendon Bernard, for Global News, we saw Canadian AI job postings on Indeed more than double in 2017, to reach 362 postings per million, and postings remained elevated in 2018 as well.  

Indeed’s best jobs of 2019

Full-stack developer, a versatile developer working with both back-end (server-side) and front-end (client-side) technologies, was again in the top three (+152%), while data scientist, someone who researches and develops statistical learning models in order to analyze data, jumped one spot this year to land at number four (+128%).

Senior back-end developer, who is responsible for building and maintaining the technology that powers the back-end of a website, leaped from the last position on the list last year to number six (+109%). Right behind, we find development operations engineer, who is responsible for a company’s development infrastructure and works closely with various IT staff to oversee code releases, and product owner, a person accountable for maximizing the value of products, appearing in seventh (+97%) and eighth (+76%), respectively.

Salesforce administrator, a person accountable for the maintenance and support of the popular (SFDC) software, rounds out the list (+56%).

Surprising non-tech jobs appearing on the list

Though technology permeates most operations and functions in the business world, this year, we have three non-tech jobs on the list. Financial controller, who is accountable for a company’s financial reporting, comes in ninth (+66%).

More surprising at first glance is the appearance of Veterinarian in the top three, coming in second (+245%) and dentist at number five (+119%).

The pet industry has exploded in Canada in the past few years with millennials in particular seeing pets as “starter kids.” This generation is not only devoting a lot of their income to their pets but have spurred entrepreneurship for pet-related businesses. The Canadian Animal Health Institute determined the proportion of pet owners frequently consulting vets is on the rise. Most concerns cited by pet owners are in regards to their furry (or scaly) family member’s health rather than affordability. So, in addition to there being several opportunities for animal lovers to make a career out of pet care, it’s also a promising and lucrative route.

In another health-related occupation, the job outlook for dentists is good nationwide according to the Canadian Department of Employment and Social development, with population growth and increasing awareness of the importance of oral health contributing to the sector’s popularity. A market research published by IbisWorld explains that the elderly population (with aging teeth) will continue to spur demand for restorative, cosmetic, periodontal and orthodontic dentistry.  

Attracting top talent to these popular jobs

Based on Indeed’s definition, these are the Best Jobs of 2019. Job seekers looking for a career in these occupations will have plenty of options and employers offering these jobs will have a leg-up in attracting talent.   

Given the popularity of these jobs, employers will need to work hard to compete for top talent, especially when hiring in the tech sector, as the supply is still not meeting the growing demand. When confronted with this challenge, what can employers do to attract the tech talent they need?

While Indeed focuses on salary and increasing growth opportunity to determine “best jobs,” we know that job seekers also value other important aspects such as culture, work-life balance and flexibility. Today, it is easier than ever for job seekers to get information on all of these factors and more online, through career sites and third-party review sites, such as Indeed Company Pages.

Researching a company and reading reviews are integral parts of the job search. People will often consult reviews before applying to a job, during the interview process and before accepting an offer. In a recent survey, as many as 92% of workers said insight into a company’s employer reputation would be important when considering a new job.

Some employers, in addition to offering attractive perks and enhancing their culture, are increasing their talent pool by shifting their focus from certifications to skills and allowing non traditional paths in order to identify talent and self-taught tech wizzes. With the possibility of learning and practicing online, it’s possible to hone in on tech-skills through dedication, passion and hard work. A simple coding challenge can give you access to this resourceful pool of talented (and motivated) candidates.   


Indeed developed this list by including jobs with a salary of at least $70,000, combined with consistent growth in share of postings from 2015-2018. Salary estimated from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed. Actual salaries may differ by region and employer.

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