Indeed Interactive Day Two Highlights: Amy Poehler and Indeed CEO Chris Hyams Talk Mastering Authenticity, and More

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Part one of our report from Indeed Interactive 2019 can be found here.

Indeed Interactive resumed for its second day on May 15 following Tuesday night’s Interactive party at ACL Live Theater with the Party Crashers and DJ Mel.

It was another day full of insightful keynotes, breakout sessions and new learnings, with Amy Poehler and Indeed CEO Chris Hyams in conversation at the end. Up above you can hear a little of what she told us – and below, we have a little more, plus some highlights from day two.

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On the main stage

Senior Manager of Employer Insights Daniel Wahlen kicked off proceedings this morning as US Director of Marketing Carmen Bryant was busy prepping for her keynote. First, however, we were treated to a talk from John Jacobs, co-founder (with his brother, Bert) of the T-shirt firm “Life is Good” who discussed the history of his firm and the power of optimism.

Then Carmen took to the stage to discuss why it’s important for companies to live up to the promises they make and the potential repercussions of not doing so.

She shared some strategies to help employers set and deliver realistic expectations that reflect well on the company’s brand, as well as examples of companies who have mastered the art of authenticity.

Following Carmen on the stage was SVP of Human Resources Paul Wolfe, who spoke about turning employees into advocates and, in turn, candidates into hires.

He shared that 63% of job seekers develop a meaningful connection with a company after hearing positive things from their peers and provided some actionable strategies for employers to develop their own employee advocacy program. We were lucky enough to have an opportunity to chat with Paul:

Finally, Jab Abumrad, creator and host of the nationally syndicated Radiolab show discussed what makes a story move people in “The Ingredients of Successful Storytelling.”

Breakout insights

We continued to see an array of insightful breakout sessions on day two of Interactive.

Indeed SVP of Product Raj Mukherjee and Chief Technology Officer Andrew Hudson shared some insights into current and future recruiting technology that can help recruiters do more with less effort and focus more on the human side of hiring.

One example they discussed was the use of AI to continuously improve the relevance of jobs shown in job searches. Some examples of this include matching and ranking job seekers and jobs, as well as predicting job salaries and commutes.

Senior Manager of Employer Insights Bianca Rehmer took a deep dive into the state of health-care hiring and shared strategies for how recruiters can attract the right candidates for health care’s hardest-to-fill roles.

Meanwhile, Senior Manager of Employer Insights Daniel Wahlen explored hiring tech talent in his breakout session “Drawing Tech Talent to You: Debunking Myths about This In-Demand Workforce.” In an industry where the demand for employees is high, the supply is low and the competition is fierce, what can employers do to stand out to candidates? Daniel shared data on the search behaviour and decision-making process of tech talent and offered tools and strategies to combat the tech talent shortage.

William Tincup, the President of RecruitingDaily, was also on hand to explore the tricky matter of how to use tools and tactics to keep up in a competitive talent market.

Afternoon on the main stage

As Indeed Interactive 2019 wrapped up, the audience was first led in a round of yoga exercises before Indeed COO Dave O’Neill took to the stage for a look at where Indeed has been and where we’re going. And then attendees were in for one last treat: Amy Poehler, actress, author, humanitarian and founder of Smart Girls, took the stage and was joined by Indeed CEO Chris Hyams for a conversation about mastering the art of authenticity and how that can transform individuals, organizations and the world.

And that’s it from Indeed Interactive 2019. A huge thank you to all of our speakers and attendees for spending this time with us and for getting closer to solving The Talent Equation. We hope to see you all again next year! Registration is already open so why not sign up? It’s going to be amazing.