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As a recruiter you face a variety of challenges, from increasing your visibility with job seekers to quickly finding the right talent. Some of those challenges are fun; others get your adrenaline going – like those moments when your hiring manager is leaning on you to fill that role yesterday. Or maybe you’ve been handed a high-skill, difficult-to-fill position and the assumption is that finding the right match is a piece of cake.

These situations can get pretty stressful, especially as the days pass and those roles remain unfilled. You know the feeling: you’re doing everything right, but the truth is that today’s candidate has a lot options. There are just so many opportunities out there, and it feels like you’re in competition with all of them, trying to attract, identify and capture talent from the same pool.

To stand apart from the competition you need tools and you need information, in the right combination. They should be easy to use and ideally in the same place. Fortunately, Indeed is here to help: Let’s talk about Featured Employer.

Get more exposure for your jobs and company as a Featured Employer

If you’ve ever sponsored a job on Indeed, then you know this is a great way to get better visibility for your open roles.

But why stop there? Becoming an Indeed Featured Employer enables you to take this even further by providing additional benefits to promote your company while also supplying you with access to actionable labour market insights that will help you find and attract quality candidates.

When it comes to additional promotion, it works like this: job seekers will see your company highlighted on the right side of the page, next to relevant search results.

Your jobs and company are prominently displayed in search results when you are a Featured Employer.

We’ll display your company logo and in addition provide a link to your Indeed Company Page, making it easy for job seekers to go straight from the search results to a resource where they can learn more about your company and its culture.

Job seekers can read a mix of curated content from you and employee reviews that will provide insight into your workplace – and the better informed the candidate is, the greater the chances are of your making a match that’s right for them and your company.

Identify the knowledge and tools to find the right candidate

But that’s just one benefit to becoming a Featured Employer. You will also gain access to tools and intelligence to do your job more effectively.

You’ll receive exclusive access to local job market data with our Hiring Insights tool. This can improve your recruiting decisions by supplying you with additional information on market competitiveness, including average salary, top employers and which search terms receive the most interest from job seekers.

You also receive Resume Rewards, which can be redeemed for subscriptions or contacts on Indeed Resume, our database containing 6.8 million resumes in Canada. This sourcing platform can help you discover quality candidates with the skills you need to fill your hiring pipeline.

The two levels of Featured Employer: Basic and Preferred

There are two levels of Featured Employer, Basic and Preferred, which you can qualify for based on your monthly spend on Sponsored Jobs. Spending at either Featured Employer level will earn your company increased visibility for your jobs and company, access to additional labour market insights (with Hiring Insights) and Resume Rewards.

However, increasing your spend to the Featured Employer Preferred level gives you additional perks, including more Resume Rewards and free* access to premium features of Indeed Company Pages. These features, like the reviews filtering and competitive benchmarking, help you further build your employer brand and engage in conversations with job seekers, as well as give you the capability to measure branding results.


It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd these days, but that’s part of the challenge – and hiring managers still need those new members for their teams.

Becoming a Featured Employer increases the chances that your company and jobs are visible to job seekers so that you can connect with best-fit talent for your roles and your company. It also provides you with the insights to make great hiring decisions and access to a large pool of candidates for your challenging roles.

There is no reason to wait, contact your Indeed Representative to learn more about how you can become an Indeed Featured Employer.

*Terms, conditions and quality standards apply

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