2018: The Year in Job Search

There are all kinds of jobs and all kinds of job seekers. To get a better sense of how they vary internationally, each year Indeed takes a look back at popular job search terms on our platform, which gives us a snapshot of what’s piquing the interest of job seekers around the globe.

To discover these trends, our analytics team looked at hundreds of thousands of search terms in eight countries to identify which of them dramatically increased their share of search traffic in 2018, and which fell out of favour. As in years past, we find that each country has its own unique flavour.

Some search trends overlapped across various countries. For example, the gig economy was in full swing this past year, as search terms for part-time work were in high demand in places such as the U.S, Germany and Belgium. This was in stark contrast to Canada, where we saw an increase in searches for full-time employment. Additionally, searches related to blockchain and cryptocurrency were also widespread, rising in popularity in Australia, India and Canada.

However, other search terms were hyper-local, a reflection of the trends and happenings within a specific market. For example, in Canada, cannabis was on everyone’s mind this year. The recent legalization of marijuana resulted in companies within the industry ramping up their recruitment plans and looking for new hires. Luckily for these companies, positions might not be too difficult to fill – the growing media buzz surrounding the legalization helped spark job seekers’ interest. In fact, searches for cannabis jobs were four times higher in July 2018 compared to the same time last year.

From “cannabis” to “vacation tester” to “female mining,” here’s what went up and what came down in the world of job searches this year:


What was trending in Canada’s major markets?

When looking at a more local level, this cannabis trend was smoking in all of Canada’s major cities. We looked at the top three job searches in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, and found that nearly half of all top searches were cannabis-related. But aside from cannabis, what were some of the other job search trends by city?

In Toronto, the term “full-time permanent” experienced the most growth in 2018, a sign that people want steady employment and might even prioritize this over the specific role or sector. In Montreal, the bitcoin craze persisted, resulting in a spike in job searches for “blockchain.”

In Calgary and Edmonton, aside from Aurora Cannabis (one of the largest licensed producers of marijuana in the country), Amazon was also a fast-growing term in 2018. These searches could be in response to the demand for talent – Amazon is looking to hire hundreds of seasonal workers at its customer fulfillment centre in Balzac, AB, and recently hosted a number of job fairs to help fill these positions. Vancouver saw a rise in searches for bubble tea, which is likely due to the growing popularity of the Taiwanese drink in the city.