The Top-Rated Workplaces in Quebec for 2018

In today’s hyper-connected world, job seekers can access a lot of information about employers prior to applying to a job or accepting an offer. One of the most relevant sources of information they turn to are company reviews and ratings. In fact, according to an Indeed survey1, 83% of people say that company reviews influence where they apply, and 46% say that a company’s reputation has a significant impact on their decision to accept a job offer.

Third-party review sites, such as Indeed Company Pages, play a vital role for job seekers looking to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work at an organization. People have access to a wide range of information. In Quebec alone, job seekers can consult more than 80,000 company reviews and ratings on various facets of a business including, work-life balance, salary and benefits, job security and advancement, management and culture.

Indeed consulted its database of company reviews to identify the top-rated workplaces in Quebec. Read on to discover which companies are among the top-rated workplaces in Quebec.

Jean Coutu leads the pack of diverse companies

Numerous professional sectors made the list, including the financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and retail, to name a few.

Jean Coutu is at the head of the pack and that’s not all: it is the only company in the pharmaceutical industry that made our list. The company, acquired by Metro in 2018, is admired by both consumers and employees. According to a survey administered by Leger Marketing, Jean Coutu ranks second among the most admired companies in Quebec and remains the most popular among millenials. The company also invested $190 million in a brand new head office in 2016, which has become one of the benefits of working for the organization.

Companies in the financial services industry were prominent, earning three of the top 10 spots on the list. Coming in at number two is the National Bank of Canada. The company is a leader in diversity and was ranked on the list of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers.

Desjardins, which comes in at number three, prioritizes the economic and social well-being of individuals and communities. According to its 2017 Social and Cooperative Responsibility Report, the Desjardins Foundation awarded 481 scholarships to Quebec and Ontario, for a total of $873,000 in financial assistance, in addition to distributing $607,125 to partner organizations working for student retention and educational success.

The BMO Financial Group ranks fifth on the list and is also recognized for implementing innovative diversity and inclusion strategies. For example, in 2012, the company set a goal to have women represent 40% of the senior leadership team. BMO achieved this goal four years later in 2016.

The telecommunications sector is also present on the list, with Videotron and Bell ranking fourth and eighth respectively. Videotron is an industry leader that stands out for its corporate culture. Teamwork is one of the shared values of the company, along with innovation, agility, differentiation, performance and excellent customer service. Bell, at number eight, has earned a reputation as more than just one of the leading companies in the country, but also for its “Bell Let’s Talk” program, which aims to improve mental health in Canada.

Sitting in sixth place is Saint-Hubert, the only restaurant and food chain on this list.  St-Hubert, established in 1951, has been a favourite among Quebec residents for over six decades. To put this into perspective, the company serves 31 million meals every year.  

Air Canada earns the seventh spot on the list. Global air travel produces approximately 2% of the total man-made emissions of carbon dioxide. Thus, the company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint through various initiatives such as waste reduction and promoting recycling, and encourages its employees to help them achieve these environmental goals.

Bombardier, the largest manufacturer of aircraft and trains, ranks ninth on the list. Bombardier is committed to ensuring the well-being of its 69,500 employees around the world. In 2017, it created a network of Ethics and Compliance Ambassadors, who strengthen the support provided on sites and act as liaisons between the sites and the Ethics and Compliance Office.

SNC-Lavalin closes our list of the 10 top-ranked companies in Quebec. Similar to the National Bank of Canada and BMO, the company boasts a diverse and dedicated staff of approximately 80 nationalities, speaking 60 languages and working in more than 50 countries. To SNC-Lavalin, the diversity of their employees is a key success factor that helps them understand their customers around the world and meet their needs.

The best of the best: What makes them great?

  1. Jean Coutu
  • Founding date: 1969
  • Headquarters: Varennes

Founded in 1969 in Montreal, Jean Coutu currently employs more than 18,000 people. The company operates a network of 389 franchised stores, all located in the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario.

Jean Coutu has a reputation for providing quality customer service, and members of this team get a sense of pride in this.  “The customer service is really the engine of this company! It is a value that the Coutu Group is committed to maintaining with strength and vigor!” English Company Page here

  1. National Bank of Canada
  • Founding date: 1859
  • Headquarters: Montreal

The sixth largest bank in Canada, with 2.4 million clients, the National Bank is the leading banking institution in Quebec. National Bank of Canada employees are full of praise for the banking group.

One reviewer states that the National Bank of Canada is “a great company [and always looks out] for the well-being of its employees and for the needs of its customers.” English Company Page here.

  1. Desjardins
  • Founding date: 1900
  • Headquarters: Levis

Desjardins Group’s corporate culture is very much about social responsibility, at the local, regional, national and international levels.

The company ensures that  employees share these values, “I worked with clients, responding to clients’ according to their needs. The Desjardins culture is focused on being human, which pushes us to work hard and be friendly. Caring for customers has always been a deep desire of my heart.’’ English Company Page here

  1. Videotron
  • Founding date: 1964
  • Headquarters: Montreal

Videotron is a subsidiary of Quebecor Media Group. The banner employs more than 6,000 people across the province.

Employees speak highly of the company, with one reviewer stating, “I had an internship at Videotron, and I can say that I particularly appreciated the way in which I was treated. The atmosphere is warm, and everyday is different. Salaries and benefits are good too.’’ English Company page here.

  1. BMO Financial Group
  • Founding date: 1817
  • Headquarters: Montreal

For 200 years, BMO has been a highly diversified financial services provider. It is the eighth largest bank for its assets in North America and makes it a point to keep its employees happy and motivated.

According to one review: “The work is diversified and it’s really rewarding work. Working with customers is my passion. We meet customers every hour for different reasons.” English Company Page here

1Redshift Research on behalf of Indeed

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